Did you know flight attendants have their very own secret language to communicate and a private compartment they can sleep in? If that bit of info fascinated you, wait till you hear about the other airport secrets you didn’t know! Starkly different than the 10 things airlines don’t want you to know, airport secrets are as intriguing as they can be shocking. While airplane secrets and flight attendant secrets are incredibly interesting, give a bit of time to check out some of the most amazing airport secrets you didn’t know. The most awesome ones have been listed below.


Fascinating Secrets Airports Don’t Want You to Know


Whether you’re traveling to a tropical location for a holiday or making a work trip on last-minute flights, there are airport secrets that will fascinate you to the very core. No, it’s not the secret to booking cheap flights. It goes far beyond that. Take a really long, hard look at the list below of some of the most amazing airport secrets you didn’t know before!


1. You don’t have to arrive 2 hours early

This is among the top 10 things that you didn’t know about airports. You don’t actually need to get there 2 hours ahead of time. It will occasionally take a bit of time to clear security. But most often, the 2-hour suggested window is simply a ploy to get you to eat and shop at the airport.

2. Chatty TSA agents are actually testing you

Have you ever come across a TSA agent that seemed to take an unusually keen interest in you? Well, before you flatter yourself, you should know that they are actually just sizing you up. It’s a behavior check to see if you’re a suspicious character. Sorry if we burst your bubble. It’s just another of the airport secrets you didn’t know about.


3. Your gender may confuse the agent

The agent must tell the machine “female” or “male” before swiping you up and down. This helps the device to scan “private areas” carefully. If the agent gets your gender wrong, the device will look for and find parts that shouldn’t ideally be there. This could land you in a bit of (Ahem) extra security pat-down.


4. There is a chance to check baggage at the gate for free

This is among the airport secrets you didn’t know before but will wish that you did. Keep your ears open for an announcement by the airline that the flight is full and may soon run out of overhead bin space. Take the airline up on this and have your baggage clear the security gate for free.

5. You can probably get free access to an airport lounge

It’s no big deal if you don’t always splurge on business class flights. However, your credit card could still grant you access to a private airport lounge. This is among the best airport secrets you didn’t know! The next time you’re at the airport, stop by the lounge and ask. You may just find yourself with a complimentary drink and snack!


6. Water is free

And it should be! Water is among the most-bought items at airports worldwide. So, instead of spending on plastic bottles of water, bring your own reusable and refillable one. Past airport security, you will find water taps and sprouts where you can fill your bottle. Isn’t this among the best airport secrets you didn’t know!


7. WiFi is free as well (mostly)

Barring those rare airports around the world that have the audacity to charge for WiFi, most airports today offer free WiFi access. It’s among the top airport secrets you didn’t know. So, find a good spot and download all the entertainment you’ll need once on board the flight. You know you don’t really have to turn off electronic devices on the plane, don’t you?

8. Eating at the airport may be pricier than eating in the airplane

When you buy something to eat on board the plane with an airline credit card, it will prove to be incredibly cheap. These are discounts offered by the airline credit cards. The same thing could cost you a lot more when had at the airport or even outside of it!


9. The airport taxi ride can be quite costly

This is among the most important airport secrets you didn’t know. A ride from the airport to the city could cost you twice the amount it takes to take an Uber or Lyft taxi. Always try to book these instead of taking the airport taxi. You will be able to save a lot more this way.


10. “Golden Hour” is not so golden after all

You know they say the first 60 minutes right after you check-in at the airport is the Golden Hour. But as it turns out, it’s not so golden after all. It’s just a diabolical ploy to get you to spend on food and shopping. Even the airport seating, dubbed revenue seating, right in front of the shops is to lure you to spend money.

11. Duty-free does not always mean cheap

This is one of the most important airport secrets you didn’t know and will be glad we told you about. Duty-free goods are often still very pricey and will cost more at the airport than outside. Don’t let the bright lights and strategic placing of ‘duty-free’ goods fool you.


12. Getting currency exchanged at the airport may be a mistake

While many frequent travelers swear by this, a lot of people still don’t know that currency exchange at the airport is extremely costly. The exchange rates are always tilting toward the house and you will end up losing a vast sum of money. Instead, get it done at the bank or swipe your ATM card at a machine where fees aren’t charged when you’re at your destination.


13. Security may be understaffed at some airports

All that noise about stringent airport security may be just that. Many airports in the world are short-staffed when it comes to security. Even the staff that works round-the-clock can end up completely exhausted from doing overtime. Reportedly, even body scanners can be hacked into! How reliable do you think airport security can be under these circumstances?

14. Airport staff doesn’t always go through security

You know the tiresome security process you need to go through when traveling somewhere on international flights? Apparently, airport staff doesn’t need to do any of that. Yikes! It’s the most uncomfortable of all airport secrets you didn’t know, isn’t it? In what can cause serious concern in more than a few travelers, many airport employees aren’t required to clear security every day. They will, however, need to clear a background check before they can be hired.



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