Best Luxury Cruises in India

When we think of a luxury cruise, we always think of foreign shores. There is undoubtedly a thrill to explore foreign lands while on a luxurious and relaxing cruise. However, these cruises are not only expensive but also take up a lot of time, as they happen throughout several weeks. So, if you want to save both money and time, but still want to enjoy the experience of being on a cruise, you can opt for one of the best luxury cruises in India. Apart from giving you the chance of going on a unique sightseeing tour, these luxury cruises are great ways to have a relaxing holiday.


Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda – Alappey Backwaters, Kerala

best Luxury Cruises in India

There is undoubtedly nothing more serene than the backwaters of Alappey in Kerala. To enjoy the view of the palm-tree lined rice paddies, the modest villages and the new eco-system of the place, go on a cruise on the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda. The cruise has eight luxurious deluxe cabins with attached washroom, 24-hour butler service, high-speed internet and all other comforts that you would find at a hotel. Apart from enjoying the gorgeous view of the backwaters, you would be able to enjoy the local delicacies of vegetarian and seafood prepared onboard. Live cultural performances are also planned for the entertainment of the guests at night. This cruise is for two nights and three days and is undoubtedly one of the best experiences to enjoy in Kerala.


Vivada’s MV. Paramahamsa – Sunderban Cruise

Cruise along the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sunderbans on the luxurious M.V.Paramhamsa by Vivada. The luxurious cruise would sail along the Meghna, Padma and Brahmaputra Rivers and give you a taste of the exotic mangroves, wildlife and village life too. This 55 meters long vessel has 12 luxury cabins and 18 deluxe cabins that are equipped with all major modern amenities including air-conditioning. You also have restaurants serving delicious local and international cuisine, a well-equipped bar and spa facilities as well. While there are lots of things to do inside the vessel, the outside activities are what make this cruise even more exciting. During the three days cruise, you would be able to go on mangrove and wildlife safaris on small boats, visit traditional farming and fishing villages and watch folk drama performances. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the Sunderbans.


Angriya – Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Goa is one of the favorite holiday destinations for Indians, and the Angriya cruise gives you the chance to arrive in Goa in high style. The Angriya is undoubtedly one of the biggest cruise ships in India as it is 131 meters long and has seven decks. Comprising 104 rooms that include premium rooms, luxury suites, dormitory and pods, the ship can hold 400 passengers and 70 crew members. During the 14 hour journey, you would be able to go swimming in the pool on the deck, dine at one of the two restaurants, have a drink at one of the six bars, dance your way at the disco hall or have some quiet reading time at the library. The Angriya Cruise takes traveling to Goa up a notch, and hence should be experienced at least once in your lifetime.


The Golden Triangle Cruise

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury along with some critical sightseeing, the Golden Triangle Cruise is the one for you. Several cruises offer this tour that starts at New Delhi and ends in Kolkata. The cruise runs for 12 nights where you spend seven nights onboard and six nights on land. The sails are equipped with all the luxuries you can imagine, to ensure that you have a great time while onboard.
On the other hand, during your time on land, you get to visit Jaipur, New Delhi, and Agra. Expect stay at luxurious hotels in each of these cities as well as guided tours to their major attractions including Taj Mahal in Agra, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Delhi and the royal palaces of Jaipur. If you want to enjoy a leisure holiday in the northern part of India, the Golden Triangle Cruise is undoubtedly a great option.


Mahabaahu – Brahmaputra River Cruise

Best Luxury Cruises in India

If you have been planning to explore the North-eastern part of India, especially Assam, the best way is undoubtedly taking the Brahmaputra River Cruise on the MV. Mahabaahu. You can opt for seven nights eight days, five nights six days or 2 nights three days packages, as per your schedule. However, whichever you choose, you are sure to have a fantastic time on the cruise. Complete with all modern luxuries, you would be able to enjoy swimming, a health spa, and even a Jacuzzi while on board.

The best part is that each room of the cruise comes with an attached balcony so that you can enjoy the view of the dense forests, sliding hill slopes and plains in complete privacy. You would also get the chance to visit new temples, ancient monuments, and remote villages during your trip. For those who love nature and adventure, there is also the wildlife safari on an elephant. Some other experiences that you would be able to enjoy on this cruise are cultural dance performances, watching the tea pickers at Silghut, the Ahom Empire city ruins, etc. If you are interested, you can also indulge in cooking sessions to learn local recipes and cooking.

Although cruising is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about holidaying in India, it is undoubtedly a thing that one must explore. You can easily book these cruises through the cruise company’s website or a trusted travel agent.


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