The USB cable is the one that is used to experience when it comes to today’s use, especially if you are using a smartphone. But what is the reason whenever a USB cable is attempted to connect in the container, often the failure of the first attempt is to be seen. No matter how much you focus on the wire, this error rate is too high.

Are you charging smartphones properly? If you often experience it, there is a very interesting reason for which Ajay Bhatt, who was involved in the Intel’s Ubbb technology team, revealed during an interview. He said that with the introduction of this technology we knew that making a cable connector a flip-able would have a good experience for consumers on a long-term basis, but to do so many more than double-wired and circuit parts. Needs, which would increase its cost as well.

According to Ajit Bhatt, if the new technology costs a lot higher at the beginning, its chances of success would have been less, it was our fear, so we initially wanted to keep the cost at the earliest. Well, it sounds good to hear a flip-able connector, but if cable cables are ready, these cables are in our hands today, with many wires, they do not play and playable.

So its interesting reason, if you have to try 2 or 3 times while charging the phone or charging it in a flash drive computer, you can justify the cost of the liability responsible for the error.


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