The Internet has become very easy to access these days. Anyone can create a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, or start a blog. One can hide one’s identity on the internet. Forty-five years old man can pretend to be an attractive 20-year-old woman. Leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing all try to ensure that people get trustworthy and legitimate results. Search engines determine the credibility of websites to offer quality results. You will get a better ranking if search engines find your site credible. But here comes the question of how search engines measure an abstract human quality like credibility. 


Factors that decide the credibility of your website

Variety of factors determines the legitimacy and reliability of your site in search engines. Few tried, and right things are such as under follow:

  • In links: All the search engines consider in-links as signs of being trustworthy. In other word, In-links are the virtual equivalent of a vote to your site.  The more votes you have, the more credible you are.
  • Out-link: Out-links are the links on your sites to the external websites. In case, the external site is irrelevant or outdated; your ranking can get down.
  • Errors on the website: Spelling errors, broken images, 404 errors can hamper your credibility.
  • XML sitemap: For better search results, your website should have an XML sitemap.
  • Clutter-free website: Your website should be easy to navigate. People leave the site quickly if it is cluttered.
  • Traffic: The more traffic you have, the more credibility you have in search engines.

The Role of Social Media in Building Credibility

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand when it comes to building credibility in search engines. Rand Fishkin forms SEOmoz has pointed out that social media can affect your search results. You should make an effort to build string profile on social media.

Good Network is always helpful:

It boosts your credibility engaging on social media. If you interact with Twitter power users, it can increase your reliability as well. Relevance matters a lot here. If any blogger who is related to the music industry starts interaction with any leading figure of the music industry, the credibility of that blogger can be catapulted. Therefore, link building campaigns and shared links on social media increase both visibility and credibility in search engines.

If you follow all these above discussed things, your website will undoubtedly get more credibility and rank higher in search engines.


Author Bio:

Sumit Kumar: The author of this article is working as a social media expert in a leading company that provides a wide range of White Label SEO services. Other informative sections of the author can be accessed on various online platforms.



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