How to apply for Dubai Tourist Visa Online?

Dubai attracts tourists from all around the world. The beauty of its deserts, the magnanimity of its tall buildings, the excitement of its beautiful theme and adventure parks, the shopping opportunities in its malls and souks, the historical and cultural side of the city and the chance to indulge in Arabic and world cuisine, are some of the things that people look forward to while visiting Dubai. If you belong to countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, etc. you are eligible for visa on arrival in Dubai or UAE. However, the rest of the world has to apply for a UAE or Dubai tourist visa before they leave from their country of residence.


Online Dubai Tourist Visa

The best thing about applying for a Dubai or UAE visa is that you can do this online. Yes, you do not have to take time off from work to visit the UAE consulate in your city. All your work can be done online. The best would be to approach an airline or tour agency to help you get your visa. In this case, you only have to fill a form, submit the documents and pay the visa fee. The agency would guide you at every step, and as they would be sending the application for you, the chances of making any errors would be minimal too.

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How to Apply for UAE or Dubai Visa Online?

A tourist visa is available for 14 days, 30 days and 90 days. You can apply for a single entry or multiple entry visas. These factors would decide your visa fee too.

Application Form: The first thing to do while applying for a Dubai visa is filling the application form. This can be downloaded online. You have to make sure that the application form is filled completely and correctly. Even a small error can cause your visa application to be rejected. So, be extremely careful while filling the form. Ensure that the details match with those on your passport. Make sure you provide the correct email address as your approved e-visa would be sent to you on it.

Documents: This is one of the most critical parts of the visa application process. You have to submit the scanned copies of all the below-mentioned documents, to receive an e-visa.

  • You have to submit the first and last pages of your passport (pages that contain all the essential details). It should be a colored copy. The passport should be scanned in JPEG format. The passport should have six months validity from the date of arriving in Dubai.
  • Your recently taken a photograph should be part of the documents. The photo should be taken against a white background and should be clear, and not too bright or dark. Avoid wearing spectacles, sunglasses or any headgear (although headgear that has religious significance is allowed).
  • You have to submit the details of your host or sponsor in Dubai, including his or her UAE residency proof. A cover letter from your host should also be included.
  • If you do not have a host, you have to submit confirmation of your hotel booking in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE.
  • Confirmed return air ticket can also be submitted with your application form, although this is not mandatory.

Visa Fees: To complete the submission process of your visa application, you have to pay the visa fees. This would depend on the type of visa you are applying as well as some days. The visa fee would vary for single entry and multiple entry visa too. If you are applying for a visa through an agency, the visa fee would also include their service fee. You can pay the visa fee through credit card or debit card. Some visa agencies would also accept other modes of payment like bank transfer, Paypal, etc.

After Submission

Once you have submitted the application form and the documents as well as made the payment, the next step is to wait. However, you would not have to wait for too long as it takes only 2-3 working days for the UAE visa to get processed. The maximum time it takes to get the evisa is a week. Most tour agencies have a website where you can track the status of your application. Once approved, you would receive the evisa on your email id. You have to take a printout of the evisa and carry it along with your passport when you fly to Dubai.

Ok to Board

While you may be excited about getting your evisa, there is still one more thing to do, and that is getting the Ok to Board from your airline. Once you get your visa, you have to send it to your airline. They will recheck the validity of your visa and add On to Board to your PNR status. This is extremely important as you would not be allowed to fly to Dubai or UAE without the Ok to Board status against your ticket. Also, you would have to pay a small fee to the airline to get Ok to Board, although this varies from airline to airline.

Getting a UAE or Dubai tourist visa online is quite easy and quick. All you have to do is make sure that all your papers are in order.


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