When it comes to how to do On Page SEO, I’m careful you’ve heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifespan. Off-page SEO points to techniques that are being used to improve the position of websites in the search engine results page (SERPs).

How To Do On-Page Seo Score 99% Effectively and how to optimize your article? You will learn it step by step as follows:

Do following steps to optimize your article

  1. The FOCUS keyword you used in the first paragraph of your article must be BOLD KEYWORD.
  2. Make Italic Keyword.
  3. Underline your Keyword and give it a hyperlink to your other website’s post.
  4. Add at least one or two images in your post and make sure their names and ALT tags are the KEYWORD.
  5. If it is possible, write your first word the Keyword in the post otherwise use it naturally in the title and at any other place.
  6. Make sure you have Tags (start with the keyword).
  7. Also, include Tag (contains keyword) in your article’s title.
  8. Add keywords at the beginning of post title and first paragraph of post body and in the first 100 words of your article.
  9. Keyword must be present in the URL of your article, i.e., www.yourdomain.com/your-keyword. Don’t add category or dates in URL.
  10. Insert (1-3) internal link(s) of your other blog posts in your article.
  11. Also, insert at least one outbound link of other authority websites like Forbes or Wikipedia.
  12. The last paragraph of your article must contain your keyword.
  13. Make sure to have keyword density equals to 1% to 3% of total articles length.
  14. Your article title must be 66 characters or less.
  15. Add modifiers like “2019? “effectively,” “guide,” and “review” to help rank for long tail versions of your focus keyword.
  16. Include at least one multimedia type file (video, audio, images, and lists) in your blog post.
  17. Page Speed is one of the useful ranking signal that Google loves. Use Google’s own PageSpeedInsights tool for checking your website loading speed. Install WordPress plugins WP Rocket or WP Smush on your website to speed things up.
  18. Always try to decrease your website bounce rate because high bounce rate means the low rank of the keyword in search engines. Adding internal links at the beginning of your content is one of the fastest ways to decrease bounce rate.
  19. Also, Include 1-2 LSI keywords (related keywords) in every article.
  20. And last but not least, the article length should be at least 600 words or more. Long articles get a better position in search engines results and have high PR.

And that’s for 99% SEO On-Page score you could get very easily. But, to rank your keywords, you must also do Off-Page SEO and make lots of quality backlinks for your article and website. We have a unique guide on how to do Off-Page SEO.


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