How To Get Rid Of Ants Outside Permanently

Let’s face reality, Ants outside and around home are uncalled for and a nuisance. It is unhygienic too. It is hugely pampering to see a whole colony of ants moving around and causing damage to your favorite things. So, here we go with different ways to get rid of ants living outside permanently to help you live with peace and comfort.

If you want to get rid of ants permanently killing one or two of them won’t help. You need to destroy the ant colony. You can only do it by killing their Queen to dry up their reproduction chain slowly.  You can either use insecticides to kill them or use natural ways.

Insecticides: There are numbers of pesticides available in the market that works effectively against Ant. But read the labels carefully before applying them as most of them kill helpful insets too. Also, make sure to keep children away while applying insecticides.

 Natural: Natural ways of removing ants outside permanently can be divided into different directions. These are:

  1. Boiling Water and Sweet trap therapy: These two are beneficial to disown the ant colony. At first, find out the nest of the ants. Then cook a kettle of water and pour it over the nest. You need to remove the soils so that the water reaches the Queen. If you want to skip the soil removing a task, mix some boric powder with honey and place it near the nest. Ant will eat it and eventually die.
  2. Using Orange and Lemon: You can either use orange or lemon to get rid of house ants. Put a piece of piled orange or lemon close to their nest. Besides, you can mix orange or lemon peel with warm water to make a paste to use against ants.
  3. Pepper and Salt: Ants hate pepper and salt like nothing. Sprinkle salt or pepper in the nook and corners from where ants take the entrance to your house. They will automatically go away. Cayenne pepper is efficient to turn away ants.
  4. Natural Repelling method: You can grow Marigold, Evening primrose or black-eyed Susan plant to repel outside ants away if you consider killing them a heinous job being an animal lover. Jokes apart, these mentioned plants are effective.
  5. These are some of the steps to kill the ant colony outside of the home. But preventing them is a better way. You can stop the growth of ant-colony with some easy steps-
  6. Always keep your house clean. Ants build their empire if they find any unhygienic place around any corner.
  7. Ants are sweet lovers, so they keep coming back where they found sweets. Even if kill you kill the ant, they leave a trail behind which other ants follow to join in the party. So clean immediately after you put any sweets around.
  8. Lastly, if you want to get rid of ants permanently, you need to be patient. It is because you might need to repeat the steps several times to get entirely rid of the ants outside.

Ant’s are harmless but is a big nuisance in front of our eyes. These instructions would allow you to remove ants permanently but always ensure a clean surrounding, so they don’t keep coming back.


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