How To Hide Text Messages On Android Without The App

Text messaging on our smart devices have gone to a whole new level with the emergence of WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and so on. However, we often are detected and followed by the third-party while texting. Moreover, there are some issues that we don’t want to reveal in front of everyone. So, we always seek options to hide our text messages from being detected and seen. However, there are hardly any options to hide text messages manually, and thus we are left with the only the option of using an app to do it.

Since no Android phone comes with a built-in text message hiding option, you need to download and install apps from the Play Store to hide your texts. Some of the most popular text hiding apps are-

  1. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics
  2. App Hider
  3. Private Message Box
  4. App Lock
  5. Private SMS and Call

All these apps are renowned and trustworthy. They come with several security options other than hiding your text messages from prying eyes. Additionally, they provide hiding options for your multimedia texts, picture, music, and IM (Whatsapp, Viber, Imo, etc.) app hiding option.

These apps basically use some security features like password, pattern, and PIN. Let us see how all the apps work-

  • Vault-Hide SMS, Pic: It is an app with massive vault letting you hiding a variety of content on your device, obviously including text messages. Additionally, it features a cloud backup option. It is an instrumental feature while switching to a new phone.
  • App Hider: This app functions like Vault-Hide with distinctive features. App Hider allows hiding your apps and media contents individually allowing you to reach them quickly when needed. Moreover, it looks like a calculator app that works as an excellent camouflage even if an intruder finds your app.
  • Private Message Box: It is an IM app which means you can actually use it like WhatsApp and Messenger. You can even share media contents to other person using the app. And like other text hiding app, it hides your text messages and IM apps with a guarantee. You need to save the contacts that you want to hide as “Private Contacts’ for this app to hide them.
  • App Lock: If you have been using an android device for a while, there are chances that you have heard about the app at least once. It is due to its sheer popularity which it earned because of its similarity with its advertisement. It hides all your app while providing an extra layer of security for your phone with its own lock screen.
  • Private SMS and Call: It is unlike any other conventional text messages hiding app as this app itself can be made fully from your phone. It will appear on the screen only when you dial the PIN that you assigned for it. Moreover, it can hide your call logs too which is a unique feature of the app.

Android phones are yet to come with built-in text messages hiding option. So, there is no alternative to using a secured and trustworthy app to hide your text messages and media contents. Choose wisely, live smartly.


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