In this tutorial article, we will try to learn how to install WordPress on our new website in very few steps. WordPress is well known as the most famous blogging platform content management system as well as very easy to install platform. It’d take almost 5 minutes to install on a website. All best hosting companies have a similar method to install WordPress in a few clicks.

There are many methods by which we can install WordPress like as follows by:

  1. Softaculous
  2. Fantastico
  3. By Mojo Marketplace
  4. QuickInstall
  5. SimpleScripts
  6. By FTP

But here for beginners, we will teach you how to install WordPress by Softaculous.

So let’s begin


how to install wordpress internetdunya


What You Need Before Installing WordPress

First of all, you must have a good domain name and the best web hosting company. I suggest you buy hosting from HostGator because they have unique offers including free domain name and 50% discount plans.


How to Install WordPress using Softaculous

In Cpanel, Softaculous is a viral auto-installer script which allows us to install prevalent website application in a single click like WordPress, VBulletin, or Joomla, etc. Companies like HostGator, InMotion use Softaculous as well in Cpanel.

Now we will learn step by step how to install WordPress by following lists:

  • Log-in to your Cpanel. It is an address provided by your hosting provider. Or go to
  • Scroll down to ‘Software Section’ and click ‘Softaculous Apps Installer.’


how to install wordpress internetdunya


  • Now click ‘WordPress’ and then on ‘Install Now’ button.
  • There you will have to fill out all the information.
  • In Directory = Leave Empty
  • Site Name = Your Website Name
  • Site Description = Your Website’s little Info.
  • Change your admin username and password.
  • Select plugins. (Please check all)
  • Select theme. (You can also change theme later)
  • In last, press Install button.


how to install wordpress internetdunya



how to install wordpress internetdunya



how to install wordpress internetdunya


It takes only a few seconds to install WordPress.

Now go to and there you will see your newly installed WordPress dashboard. To learn what is WordPress and it’s basic features, go to Learn WordPress In A Few Steps For Free – A New Guide.


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