Do you want to make money?

Do you want to make 1000 Dollars per month?

Do you want to know how to make money with Youtube?

Then this article will help you.

I have earned lots of money from ClickBank and Amazon affiliate in recent years. From the start, I had made tons of PBN sites, but due to the current Google algorithm, all are dead almost. Then, I moved to YouTube to get more traffic because YouTube is the part of Google. So my YouTube videos never got affected by Google penalty.

You can make thousands of backlinks for your YouTube videos in a straightforward way. More backlinks mean more views. We have a unique guide on how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube.

Main points:

  1. How do You use YouTube as your traffic source?
  2. How could You make lots of money with YouTube channel?

make money with youtube

Now let’s go to method on how to make money with YouTube:

Point 1: How do You use YouTube as my traffic source?

  1. First of all make an authority youtube channel, like authority sites, as Google or Youtube would love it.
  2. Choose a niche for your channel or sub-niche. Search on Google for best niche ideas.
  3. Create a channel on that niche.
  4. Research for the most searchable profitable keywords. There are many free tools for keyword search like, Google Keyword Planner or some paid tools. But it is enough to have only free tools for you.
  5. Now creates videos on your selected keyword. You can create simple slides or long videos with different free and paid video editing software like Camtasia, Explaindio, Doodly, EasySketch and many more. I have made tons of videos with these softwares.
  6. Rank your videos: Yes, it’s essential to rank your videos like sites. Make your first choice to rank a keyword that had already listed on the 1st page on Google Search Page (SERP). It would show that I am also capable of ranking my Youtube videos on google first page.
  7. To rank youtube videos, we must use on-page and off-page SEO. We have a unique guide on how to do on-page and off-page SEO for Youtube videos. But when your channel become an authority with millions of subscribers, then we don’t need to care to do on-page or off-page SEO. That’s Coooooooool. But besides that, you can also buy paid traffic sources to get traffic on videos like Google ads, Hitleap, Facebook Ads, etc.

Point 2: How could You make lots of money with YouTube channel?

  1. My favorite method to earn a significant amount of money is PinapFile. It is a PPD site and gives you $1 to $5 per download. Sign Up there and upload some software or docs or something else on there. After upload, copy the link of one of the file and include the link of such file in the description of your videos and when someone will download that file by your referral link, you will be paid by Dollars. That’s cool.
  2. You can review different products for ClickBank and Amazon affiliate, and when someone buys that product, you can earn lots of money as commission.
  3. Make some tutorial videos on different software like Photoshop, After Effects or on MS Office and make money from Adsense.
  4. Visit this link to make money from Adsense without a website on Youtube.
  5. Insert your referral links in videos description like referral or referral.
  6. Also, use some URL shortening website’s links and increase your referral stats.