How to Wash Car with Car Wash Product

Ask yourself; is your washing your car or damaging its paint? I bet, you would be surprised to know that most of the swirl marks damaging your vehicle are caused by improper washing technique. Besides, use of inappropriate car wash product might cause damage. But, you can eliminate these problems by following some easy tips while washing your car with car wash product.

Before you start washing your car, you need to know about the products necessary to clean your vehicle without damaging its exterior. These are-

  1. Detergent or soap specialized for car washing.
  2. Car washing mop
  3. Car Wax
  4. Car polisher
  5. Wheel cleaner

These are the primary car washing products that you will need to wash your car. Besides, we will need water, a towel, a pressure washer, and a hosepipe. Now that we are ready with everything to let’s start washing the car:

  1. At first place your car in a convenient location. Start cleaning with your car wheels and tires. You can clean them using a wheel cleaner containing enough lubricants. You need to splash wheel cleaner and then usually rinse it off using a towel or car washing mop.
  2. Now, start washing the exterior of your car. Apply detergent or soap all over the car. You need to select a soap or detergent full of lubricants. After applying the car washing soap or detergent on the body, wait for a few minutes. It allows the liquid to lessen the box of darts.
  3. Start rinsing the car body with either a mop or pressure wash it. If you want to pressure wash your car, check the pressure first that is an optimum level. Otherwise, it might damage the body paint.
  4. Allow the exterior to dry up. You can use a drier, but we would recommend you to dry it naturally in the sun.
  5. After you are done with your washing, try finding out if there is any place with tainted paint. Apply car wax on the spot and slowly rinse it using a soft mop or towel. It will provide a better look at the tainted place.
  6. Lastly, you are to apply car polisher. There are numerous car polishers available; select a mild one with adequate lubricants. Gently use the car polisher all over the exterior part. Keep the car on that condition for a few minutes.
  7. Lastly, when you are satisfied with your washing and polishing to take your car to the garage.

These are very easy to follow tips that turn out to be hugely helpful to wash your car using car washing products. However, you need to be careful about some doings-

  • Don’t start cleaning your car when it is hot like right after a drive. Allow the engine and body to cool down.
  • Don’t use the mop or towel horizontally. Instead use the mop or towel vertically and gently to avoid any unwanted spots.

A car is often a great companion of us; helping us to reach our daily destinations in time. Thus, our vehicles need to take special care of. This car washing step by step guide will thus bring joy to you and your car with proper washing technique.


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