As we mentioned in our first post, there is a reason why certain things attract you. The color combinations, the abstracts, and the designs everything that draws your attention and pleases your eyes is somewhere in sync with your likings and character traits. These traits are highly influenced by your zodiac sign, and for this post, we are discussing the ideas for the wedding invitations as per your zodiac for next six sun signs:

Ideas to Design your Wedding Cards as Per your Zodiac Sign

1. Libra

If one word is to be used to describe the people belonging to this sun sign, then it would be “CHARMING.” Equality and fairness are what appeals to them, and they believe in balancing everything. For them, the classic color combinations form the best choice to incorporate in their wedding invitations. Black and white, red and yellow are the classic color combinations that balance out each other and appeal their eyes. Other than that, shades of green also depict their soft and generous personality well.


2. Scorpio

Scorpions are believed to have the most intense and mysterious personality of all twelve sun signs. They are very passionate, and definitely, the colors that portray the same are what they find enchanting. Bold hues like crimson red, black, burgundy appeal their eyes and surely draw their attention. So you can expect these shades in their wedding invitations.

3. Sagittarius

These free spirits are very charismatic and optimistic. They are open up to every new thing, experience, and adventure and hence you can find some of the unique glimpses of elements in their invitations. These free spirits do not like to be restrained in a particular color palette, and you can see them be all playful with the designs, color schemes and styles of Indian wedding invitations.


4. Capricorn

This sun sign is an ideal blend of traditional and modern attributes. You can easily find them inclining towards traditional Indian wedding and then tweaking them with some modern-day Flairs. Their whole life revolves around their family and the person they are marrying. So expect something of their choice or wedding invitations infuse in hues like slate, ice blue, stark white, dove grey and more. These colors have the tinge of both traditions and the contemporary world.


5. Aquarius

These creative souls love to dream big. You can expect something alluringly “ out of the blue” in their wedding cards. Like their sun sign, they are very easy going and can easily connect with other people. For this water sign, who loves to live in their dream world, you can expect some fairytale-inspired theme in their wedding invitations. Colors like lavender and white are their shades.


6. Pisces

People born under this sun sign are mythical. They have a very elusive personality and are extremely sensitive. Therefore the colors that go well with this zodiac sign should be serene and very surreal. Blue, green and many more flowy colors are some of their favorites. You can see the use of these hues n their wedding invitations, as well as these colors, go along with their nature pretty well.


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