Impact of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on Cardiac Patients

Automated External Defibrillator Cardiac Patients

Sudden deaths due to natural causes are always painful for the family members of the victim. People are facing different types of health issues around the world due to which they are unable to perform daily life activities in an effective manner.

Health problems related to Heart, kidney, lungs etc. have always been the concern for the medical and health institutes. Medical and healthcare institutes are responsible to make use of such medical equipment to provide the best treatment to the patients.

The sudden cardiac arrest is one of the major causes of the natural sudden deaths. When a sudden cardiac arrest occurs the heart functioning of a victim stops and a person loses his consciousness and breathing. Cardiac issues are the leading causes of deaths in the world.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the device that is used to prevent certain cardiac arrests. This device has made positive contributions to provide assistance to heart patients. It has enabled people to take safety measures on their own without depending on any other resource.

Discussion: The working of AED is different from other medical devices because it provides the best treatment in emergency situations to patients. AED Singapore has improved the condition of cardiac patients.

Singapore has faced a lot of difficulties in past in resolving the issues of cardiac patients but AED has now increased the number of survivals there. When victim experiences sudden cardiac arrest AED is utilized to check the heart rate of the patient that either it is normal or not.

If the heart rate of a victim is not normal then in order to restore the original rhythm of the person an electric shock is delivered by AED through the person’s chest. AED in Singapore has facilitated people in public and workplaces.

Time is a key for Cardiac patients because when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs it hardly takes three to five minutes to become the cause of a death of a person. According to facts, most people die because of heart attacks before reaching to the hospitals. This shows the significance of time during sudden cardiac arrests.

AED takes almost five minutes to complete its functions but an individual must have a proper understanding of this device in order to use it efficiently. It is necessary that people should get proper training in the utilization of this device from experienced professionals.

The effectiveness of AED in different places: AED is flexible to use everywhere including different places such as offices, gyms, schools, colleges and in various places. By keeping AED in such places the risk of sudden cardiac arrest can be reduced.

Usually, hospitals are far away from workplaces and calling an ambulance in emergency situations is too risky because it can lot of time and a person who has experienced sudden cardiac arrest can possibly die.

If organization have AED in their workplaces then the chances of survival become very high for the victim. Management and policymakers of different workplaces can play an integral role in implementing the utilization of this device success.

When it comes to schools and colleges elderly teachers who have cardiac issues can also get benefits from this advanced medical gear. Experienced professionals should be hired by the educational institutions who can provide the treatment to the victims when it is needed.

Efficient utilization through proper training: The effective utilization of this device is not possible without proper training because an individual must know that when and how this medical device should be used. The survival of people with the help of AED is possible only when a person has proper training that how such devices should be handled.

AED’s are manufactured for the use of general public but for that proper training is required. There are certain aspects of using this equipment which a person can learn through basic education, for example, the Instant shock shouldn’t be delivered to a victim unless it is not indicated by the AED when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs.

Training for employees and staff members in the different organization is important because in such places usually there is no medical staff is available to manage such kind of situations so basic knowledge regarding the utilization of these devices is vital for workers.

Health organizations are also responsible to arrange training programs for the general public to enhance the knowledge of people related to AED. Such programs should be conducted in all medical institutes and the participation of people belonging to all age groups should be encouraged.

AED as a Cost-Efficient Device: AED is available at the affordable price in the market for people which shows that it is the cost-efficient medical appliance. People used to spend a huge amount of money on cardiac surgeries and treatments but after the invention of this device, people have managed to do save a lot of money.

Conclusion: AED is the best life-saving device that can save a lot of lives and it can ensure the right future of the medical industry. People should keep an eye on the latest trends of the technological developments like AED in the field of medical science because these medical equipment are the best way to increase the survival rate in the world.

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