Inside an Eclectic New Orleans Abode with Major Cool-Girl Swag

New Orleans home is equally as attention-grabbing because of the town itself. With a background in style and as a friend of favor, Hannah has managed to form her rental distinctive and build the proper house for an original mind. propulsion on her experiences planning and designing events within the Hamptons, each corner of the one,800 sq. foot space is curated with intention, giving high-end vibes to an eclectic setting.

In addition to some vogue tips, check out Hannah Grace Alford’s interview — we tend to mention her veritable career, exploit the quick pace of latest royal house town for the asleep South, and dove into her expertise finding and planning her home all whereas abidance her distinctive ability. Plus, conclude her fail-proof tips for keeping your house guest-ready and hosting a tremendous evening with friends and family.

Name: Hannah Grace Alford, Community Specialist
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Sq. Ft.: 1,800
Years Lived In 1 year
Rent or Own: Rent

What became your first process, and how did you land it?

My first process was taking pictures and styling social media and website content for an antique shop called the Revival Outpost. The proprietor of the store discovered me thru FB.

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