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WordPress occupies around 30% power among entire websites according to data from W3Techs. The best thing about WordPress is its ease of use like BlogSpot. To learn WordPress, we don’t require a lot of money and time but only few steps required.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most powerful open source content management system. It was launched in 2003 as a simple tool to start a blog. It is used to build excellent websites in no time. Millions of sites are making money through WordPress. After reading this article, you will be able to create, optimize and manage your first WordPress blog.

Without wasting any time, let’s start to build our first website.


Step 1: Initial Setup


Before starting to set up and install WordPress on your domain, you need to choose from or If you want to monetize your website with Adsense or other advertising programmes, then is a good choice. Because allows you to customize your site according to your needs. You can easily install plugins, change your website theme and do many things.

The first step is to buy a proper domain and web hosting from best-hosting providers. Many web hostings provide a free domain with one year hosting.

WordPress is a website’s name or address (e.g and has high rank in Alexa. If you want to know how to select a good domain name, then click this link how to pick a perfect domain name.

The next step is to choose web hosting for your domain. Web-Hosting provides space on servers at which our website is published on the internet and seen by other people. If you want to know how to determine the best WordPress hosting, then go to this link best web hosting for your WordPress blog.


After you signed up with your best web hosting provider, now it’s time to install WordPress on your site. Visit our step by step guide on how to install WordPress on your site.


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Congratulation, you have built your first WordPress website in a straightforward way. Now it’s time to learn some basics features of WordPress.

Step 2: Basic Features

wordpress basic features internet dunya


In this step, we will learn some basic features of WordPress.


Plugins are add-ons or apps which add new functionality or features to our website. Its work in the same way as your smartphone apps do. You can add new plugins, activate them, update them or even delete them. They allow you to expand WordPress functionality such as protect your website from spamming, create custom stores and creating contact forms. 

You can add new plugins by going to Plugins > add new. And then search for your required plugins and click install and then press activate button.

We suggest every blogger to must install WordPress SEO Plugin, WordPress Backup Plugin, and WPForms for contact forms. Please check out our best WordPress Plugins Lists.


wordpress plugins internet dunya




The themes, in WordPress, are the templates or style-sheets and are used to change the appearance or design of the WordPress websites. These are pre-made templates which are installed to customize the site. You can add new themes, managed them, update them and customize them very quickly and visually.

You can add new themes by going to Appearance > Themes > Add new. If you want to buy some premium themes, then the best sites are Theme Forest, Elegant Themes, Studio Press, Themify, etc.

wordpress themes internet dunya


Post vs. Pages

Difference between post and pages is that posts are dynamic content entries and timely content part of post series in a blog whereas pages are static entries. Older posts are archived by month and date. Posts are organized based on categories and tags. Pages can be usually hierarchical, which means a page may have sub-pages as Make Money Online page has many sub-pages like Make Money Instagram, Make Money From Freelancing, Make Money from Adsense, etc.


The settings tab in the side panel is the configuration section to configure the settings of different portions of the WordPress. You can set all according to your choice. Go to Settings > and select to change your desired option.

Step 3: Write Your First Blog Post

wordpress first blog post internet dunya

Congrats you have learned all the necessary steps of making WordPress website. Now take your time to write your first blog post. To left-hand side in admin side-panel, go to post and click new post.


learn wordpress in a few steps


Create a good SEO optimized title and article. The article must be unique and at least 600 words long. Use WordPress SEO Plugins to optimize your article and don’t copy materials from other sites because Google doesn’t like it and you won’t be able to approve your Google Adsense account.

If you want to know what is Adsense and how to make money from Adsense, then visit how to make money from Adsense.

We have a unique article on how to do on-page SEO. Also, you should make lots of backlinks from high authority websites to rank your keywords on the first page of search engines.


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Your article is now ready to publish. Just click the publish button at the top right corner of windows and your article will be live on your blog. Our article, learn WordPress in a few steps is now finished.


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