When it’s come to consider how to rank YouTube videos, then On Page and Off Page SEO becomes very important for ranking YouTube videos.

On Page SEO is an essential part of optimizing videos in search results of YouTube besides Off Page SEO.

Videos intend involvement on a website and are a significant line of accumulation marketing. Videos can be used to drive traffic to websites and better user experience. Before publishing videos on YouTube or other videos sites, pretend to optimize your videos to be rank on Google. The largest search engines after Google is YouTube, so it is essential to upload all of your videos on YouTube.

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Ranking videos on YouTube search results involve all about On Page and Off Page SEO for YouTube videos.  So, let’s see how we optimize videos for YouTube.

On-Page SEO for YouTube Videos

Title and Description:

  1. Title and description of your videos must be optimized for targeted keywords.
  2. There should be a catchy title of your video for good click-through rates and have targeted keywords in the title for 1st-page ranking.
  3. Make sure to make title within 66 characters only because Google will truncate titles after 66 characters in search results.
  4. You can also check your title on this free title analyzer for more better optimizing.
  5. The description should also be relevant to the video. In the description, you should use your targeted keyword pertinent to the video. Stuffing of keywords for better ranking is not a good practice of SEO.
  6. Make the description long and insert multiple keywords in description. Include a link of your website to drive traffic to your site. To improve CTR, Insert link and your call to actions at the beginning of the description because by default only a few lines are visible in the description.
  7. Write ‘subscribes to our channel’ in the description as well as your social media profiles, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


  1. Tags provide a useful way to group related posts and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. So, for good SEO practice, insert at least 5 to 8 associated tags of your keywords. 
  2. Also, include top channel name as a tag of your related keywords like if your keyword is ‘how to lose fat fast’ then the popular channel on this keyword is DoctorOz. on page and off page seo for youtube videos
  3. Related videos appear on the right side of the main video. So if you use your main keywords as tags then based on your keyword relevancy, there may chances that your videos also appear on the right sidebar of main video being watched.
  4. Tags are significant to generate additional video views and can help to increase traffic to sites.
  5. Insert subtitle of your video in the editing mode and include your keywords in the caption as tags.

Off-Page SEO For YouTube Videos

Off-Page SEO is also essential like On-Page SEO, and it’s all about making backlinks or link building. We will discuss it as follows:

Inbound Links:

  1. Like in website off-page SEO, inbound links are a significant aspect in case of YouTube video ranking. You can quickly get inbound links by embedding your video on your website outside YouTube.
  2. You can also use social media for sharing your video like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or bookmark your video on Reddit,  Digg or Mix. These are web2.0 websites, and due to their large number of users, you can get massive traffic to your video.
  3. Use Youtube Analytics Tool to check how many links and embeds you get on your videos.

Ratings And Comments:

  1. High quality, educative and exciting videos get too many likes and comments. So always try to create such videos which are of high quality.
  2. This will help to rank higher in search engines and will lead to more views and likes as well as positive comments.
  3. To get high ratings and comments, the secret is to create excellent content on your targeted keyword.
  4. Share the video on social media and to your subscribers and convince them to share on all the social media sites.

Views And Popularity:

  1. Popular videos rank higher on Youtube and get lots of traffic and views. So always create quality videos and share the videos on popular networks, forums, and social sites.
  2. Videos that received more views in the past 24 hours will rank top on the Youtube based on the views.
  3. Also having more views and ratings of your video helps to earn honorary placement in the category of “most viewed videos” for your video.


SEO has now become vital for optimizing your videos; it can help to drive immense traffic and generate new leads to your website. On Page and Off Page SEO for Youtube videos, that we have discussed above, help you more to rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords.

Now at the end we will revise all the points of SEO that we have learned above as follows:

  1. Choose a niche or sub-niche
  2. Target right keywords for your niche
  3. Include keyword in the description and title
  4. Write long description
  5. Include top channel name as a tag
  6. Also, use the keyword as a tag
  7. Make lots of backlinks
  8. Embed your video on your blog
  9. Gets likes, shares, and comments
  10. Make an active Youtube channel as a brand
  11. Share your videos on Web 2.0 sites and social networks
  12. Create quality content
  13. Use call to action in your video to encourage people to upvote, shares, and comments
  14. Avoid copywriter content and spamming and create unique videos.