Sweatcoin is an earning application that promotes physical fitness while ensuring you reap its financial benefit in the form of SweatCoins.  It is a free-for-all application — app That Pays.

It is hinged on transparency and equity and makes provision for participants to access all their transactions on the application. It is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

In this age when physical fitness is vital,  sweatcoin ensures that a lot of people are involved and interested in their physical wellness. Every single minute you take a walk,  stroll,  run or jog counts. It is quite an impressive relief to know that you get paid for staying fit!  In this way,  your health does not only maintain a positive outlook, but you amass wealth in the process of staying healthy. Sweatcoin is a fitness earning application with a difference. It is aimed at rewarding physical activeness. There are various fitness activities, but if it is not dependent on steps,  it is not a sweatcoin feature. This is so because the sweatcoin application is dependent on steps.

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There are few processes involved in being a beneficiary of this excellent application. The most important thing is to install the app on your phone and keep it running at all times.  This implies that whenever you want to go running or walking,  you need to be with your phone because the application would not record your steps in absentia. The sweatcoin application monitors and evaluates your activity whenever you go for a walk,  stroll,  run or a jog, and it rewards you immensely in the form of cryptocurrency.


The ideal way of calculating the earnings that should be accrued to you is to be aware of the number of steps you have taken for that period — the application quantities one thousand steps you have chosen and equated it to one sweatcoin. Hence,  you can put your sweatcoin earnings into good use. Whatever buying decision you decide to make is left to your discretion as long as it is in alignment with sweatcoin retailers or partners.

A beneficiary can choose to use the earning from his/her sweatcoin to obtain amazing cards,  gift items and so on.  The offers that come with these items vary. It is solely dependent on the individuals that sweatcoin decides to partner with or have a level of understanding with.

The application encourages different forms of subscription, and the users of the app make decisions that are suitable for them. In as much as sweatcoin is centered on bodily movement, there is some physical movement that does not accumulate gains. So, it is necessary that users of this application bear in mind the various factors or elements that may mitigate a smooth operation of the application and adhere strictly to the principles that govern its usage.

It is, therefore, suitable to conclude that sweatcoin application is a trusted application that not only encourages physical fitness but also enables its participants to accumulate wealth in the process of living healthy lifestyles. Suffice to say; health is indeed wealth.


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