Everybody in event management knows how difficult it is to pull off a successful event. The days when you would use a simple Xfinity internet plan to coordinate through emails are gone. Technology Your Events Business Needs especially in today’s globalized age organizing one event can be hard, organizing different international events is even harder. Luckily this blog is here to help you take your event business global in the 21st Century.

What do You Need for a Successful Global Events Business?

When you’re organizing multiple events across multiple locations, the problems are compounded. Logistics, catering, ticketing all need precisely the right execution, in every event. If you want to make it big on the front of planning and executing international affairs, you need to invest in these technologies:

  1. A Centralized Management Platform
  2. Flexible Access Portals
  3. Secure International Payment Gateways

Let’s have a look at how this technology can help you be better prepared and lead to a successful end.

A Centralized Management Platform

Before you scale up to multiple locations, this is the first thing you need. Having all your events on one central platform is crucial. If you have that, you can quickly scale up to multiple venues, cities or even countries. Let’s say you are organizing an event in both the US and the UK. Would you use different ticketing providers for both? Imagine what a nightmare that would be when you try to create a monthly sales report. What you need is a solution to carry out ticketing or registration for multiple events at one time. This will allow you to host, manage and promote various events simultaneously from one place. This is not only convenient; it saves you a lot of time trying to handle all your events individually. Try to find a technology partner with international subdomains. This will make your centralized management tasks more manageable. Especially if the subdomains can translate your text into a different native language.

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Flexible Access Portals

So you have scaled up into a global event business. If this is the case, it is very likely you have team members across the globe. They are working across different locations and even time zones. The problem is obvious. You need flexible access for your team to your centralized management platform. This should work across all of your units. Most management platforms let you assign individual permissions and roles to your teammates. This allows for control over what individual team members can see or access. This simplifies the clutter you would look with teams working on separate locations. The more flexible your access portals are, the more efficiently your team will perform. Most importantly, you can make sure key information is going to the right individuals.

Secure International Payment Gateways

Data breaches and theft are a genuine problem in the digital age. This is why you need your payment gateways to be as safe as possible. Your central platform should have the bells and whistles to accept international payments. Bear in mind that your attendees will be buying tickets in a very sophisticated manner. You have to account for different time zones and multiple languages. There are also varying payment preferences. This makes it all the more critical for your payment gateways to be secure. You lose more than 10% at your checkout page if the attendees have any security doubts. Your focus should be on making your payment gateways as secure and as accessible as possible.

Event management is a demanding job. Whether you are organizing a festival, concert, show, or party, you need to work hard for everything to come together. Hosting only one successful event can be a very stressful job. The pressure gets ramped up when you go global. You’re likely to organize events in foreign countries. Countries without the familiarity of Xfinity Double Play Deals and American consumerism. This can very well turn into a logistical nightmare if you don’t have the right tools. This is why it is essential to make use of the right technology before taking your business global. As your business scales up in the digital age, it becomes even more critical to stay competitive. The right technology can help you transform your event business. Become an efficient and productive international concern.


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