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Ever got through pictures of a cool car or bike but you don’t know what company it belongs to or what it is. You’re really curious to learn more about it, the majority of us would just give up on it at this point because to them there is no way ahead now. Rest of the people though, the clever bit will actually use reverse image search to move forward.

Image search tools help to scan out a picture, its attributes the text in the image and other things that the tool might be able to find on the web. It scatters the net and gets everything related to your image.

Here are the top 5 best tools to search similar images:

1: Google images

Google to this day, without doubt, is the most widely used search engine that exists, and so is the Google image search it’s the most trusted and widely used one out of all. Google has introduced around 15 years ago and has the largest image database out of all sites. In 2011 Google introduced the reverse image search tool which as does its name makes obvious is a tool you can use to search images.

How these reverse image tool works is pretty simple, you can just either upload the picture to Google image search or just drag the image onto the search bar regardless of the file type or size and etc. The tool automatically performs an analysis and puts forward all images and context related to it.

Google images are completely free, there are no restrictions to the possibilities it has and since it has the largest database of pictures in it your most likely to find what you’re looking for easily through Google image search.

2: TinEye

TinEye software belongs to the company named ideeinc. The company is based in Toronto and it is to this date the most widely used image lookup software with more than 13.9 billion images indexed on it till now. As per the claims, TinEye is the first ever software to introduce picture recognition search tool to the world.

You can use it by either uploading image to the website or providing its link to the search bar. A little drawback to the software would be its restriction to three types of images JPEG, PNG, and GIF, plus a total image size of no more than 20MB.

The good thing is, it also has extensions available for browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC browser and many more; it’s pretty helpful if you’re a daily user of such stuff. The software is also pretty much free for a normal person probably more than enough, you can search 150 images for free per week but if you wish to exceed that limit per week than you need to opt for the premium version with unlimited searches.

3: Bing Image Match

Microsoft introduced its very own search engine for images in 2014; it works nearly the same way as of its rivals. You can either upload the image to the web or you can put the hyperlink linking to that image to get the results however as per different reviews it isn’t as accurate or satisfying when it comes to results such as that of Google or TinEye.

To match its rivals, in around the mid of 2016 Bing introduced its technology to the iOS store, you can just simply capture an image or upload it, it’ll use the image finder to show you some similar results. The drawback to this though is its lack of availability in the majority of the countries.

4: Yandex

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia which also provides the facility to search images. As usual it pretty much also works in the same way as others, you can either search the hyperlink connected to the image or you can use the other option and directly upload an image from your computer to the search engine and it’ll show you various image results. It was mainly created to scratch out similar images, now its widely used and trusted in Russia. Yandex is completely free and is super easy to use.

5: karma Decay

Karma Decay is a photo search tool exclusively for Reddit. It’s made to help you prevent reposting on Reddit since they really don’t like reposts and there’s a high chance you might just even get your account banned for reposting stuff. You can even use it to short out the search to only a specific type of subreddit.


Reverse picture search tools are really helpful and you can use it to a whole lot more than you think. The technology is still in its early stages though and there’s a lot more to it waiting to be discovered.

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