Travel On Turkey To This Holiday With Family

Turkey is a beautiful country, and it offers a lot to everyone who comes to the state to spend some good time or want to work and stay in the country. If you’re going to move to Turkey, then there would be a lot of advantages of Turkish citizenship than just good opportunities and quality of life. The country is one of those who has been blessed with natural beauty and landscapes. 

The seasons and weather compliment with the amazingness of the country correctly. Istanbul and European Turkey have hot summers and cold winters while snow is the feature of the wintery weather. The city of Istanbul is a windy city as it is just near to the sea, and that increases in the winter time.

Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have a Mediterranean climate, and it usually gets warm winters and hot summers, and that is a great a time to visit the Marmaris and Kusadasi, which are beach resorts, and they have gained quite some popularity over the years. Turkey witnesses the rainfall mostly in the winter time whereas the summer days remain hot and dry which is perfect for people who want to get a nice tan. If you are traveling North, then there is a higher possibility you would experience sweltering and dry summers and then there would be cold winters along heavy snowfall.

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Spring and autumn have been the most chosen seasons by the visitors to be the most amazing times because the temperatures are very mild and pleasant too.

If you want to go and feel the festivities, then Istanbul is the place that you would want to visit because it hosts most of the arts festivals which take place throughout the year. It is home to some of the most fun events which are the center of attention for people who are visiting the city.


Istanbul Film Festival


Travel On Turkey

This festival has been keeping to its tradition since 1982, and it celebrates the national as well as the international films. This festival is the largest one, and there are around 200 titles including the movies and the documentaries. It takes place every year in April.


National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

Travel On Turkey

On every 23 April, the Children’s Day is celebrated in the country. The children of the country take the seat in the parliament, and they are also given small speeches on the national TV. During the festivals, children from throughout the country are invited, and they spend a week with a Turkish family which becomes their host for the week.


Sun Splash

Travel On Turkey

It is a music festival which was first held in 2009, and it comprises of all the music like international jazz, soul, funk along with other genres. The music artist from all over the world are invited for this festival, and all of them show a part of their creation and get acknowledgment from thousands of people who are present in the celebration.


Sand Sculpture festival

Travel On Turkey

This is the festival which is one of the most popular ones in Turkey. There are hundreds of sand sculptures which take part in this festival and amaze people with their great creations. Lara Beach in Antalya is the place where this festival takes place, and it is the largest sand events in the world.


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